What is a Thyroid Disorder?

The thyroid sets the metabolism for the entire body. When it is functioning normally, the whole body is in synchrony and all parts are doing their job. Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid, is called, “The Great Imitator” because when low the thyroid can cause almost any metabolic disease in the human body!

Simple enough then, just check for low thyroid and correct it if it is abnormal? Part of the problem lies in what is “abnormal” and what thyroid labs to test. One needs at a very minimum 3 to 4 lab test to evaluate the thyroid but up to a dozen or more lab tests to start to be more complete! There is no test in medicine that always answers the questions asked!

The problem issue is usually apparent in the thyroid lab panel and appropriate action can be taken.

The thyroid and the adrenal glands are intimately tied together and Dr. DeCosmo calls the “the twins.” What happens in the thyroid effects the adrenals and vice versa but they are not equal. The adrenal gland is the stronger of the two and has more of an effect on the thyroid than the other way around. If the adrenals are off, it is near impossible to balance the thyroid!

Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders

  • nervousness and tremor
  • mental fogginess and poor concentration
  • feeling bloated
  • feeling cold
  • high cholesterol levels
  • heat intolerance
  • weight gain
  • racing heartbeat
  • aches and pains
  • menstrual changes

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Solutions for Thyroid Disorders & How We Can Help

thyroid-disorder-hormone-thearpy-st-petersburg-floridaIn Dr DeCosmo’s 20+ years as a Functional Medicine practitioner and 30+ years as a Family Practitioner, there has never been a more challenging gland to treat than the thyroid. He has become quite proficient at treating thyroid disorders, but it is still the practice of medicine. Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all approach! He treats each individual on a case by case basis!

Dr. DeCosmo has a strong reputation in the community for his ability to treat the thyroid.

One issue is that all the numbers can look normal and there is still a major problem. Most doctors order too few of the less specific lab tests to try make a reasonable diagnosis. It is like watching the trailer to a movie instead of the whole movie, there is a lot missed! Dr DeCosmo orders a full thyroid lab panel, and then some so they can help with diagnosis and treatment.

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