What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormones, more specifically sex steroid hormones are responsible for what makes boys into men and girls into women. When they are working properly, life is grand and all is right with the world! When they are not working properly, it can be hell on earth (for that person and those around them!

How do hormones become imbalanced?

Dr DeCosmo finds that most hormone imbalances for men and women are not a fault with mother nature but a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. Hormone therapy looks to correct the imbalance and restore the most natural function possible. Hormone therapy may include replacing deficient hormones with bioidentical natural hormones but it can also involve the use of supplements, diet and exercise to balance the hormones.

Symptoms of Hormonal Loss In Men

  • fatigue
  • loss of muscle
  • increase in fat
  • loss of stamina
  • the “cranky old man” syndrome
  • lack of interest and apathy
  • loss of strength
  • erectile dysfunction
  • diminished sex drive
  • irritability

Symptoms of Hormonal Loss In Women

  • hot flashes
  • brain fog
  • night sweats
  • loss of strength and muscle
  • poor response to exercise
  • irritability
  • weight gain
  • heart palpitations
  • poor sex drive
  • poor stamina

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Solutions for Hormones & How We Can Help

hormone-therapy-solutions-st-pete-flOur earth has become so toxic that we are seeing hormone deficiencies even in our very young patients as early as the late teens and early twenties! There are many things that can affect the hormones and toxins are just one of them!

When you come to the office, Dr. DeCosmo will suggest a complete work up for your hormonal problems based on your individual medical status.

The workup will be complete and enable Dr. DeCosmo to devise a program that will work well for you and get your hormones balanced safely and effectively!

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